Plywood Cold Press

Plywood Cold Press

It’s a necessary equipment for processing plywood, suitable for 3’*7’,4’*8’ panel.

By choosing our pressing production line, the customer could increase the production ,save energy and reduce cost.

The cold press machine is the main equipment during plywood production line, that pre-presses the glued veneer for a short time to make it preliminarily formed, and then sends it to the hot press for pressing. The step helps to make the plywood to a basic thickness in advance, shorten the hot pressing cycle and improve the panel quality.



The plywood cold press machine comprises a feeding mechanism, a frame, press plates, plunger cylinder, lifting cylinder, hydraulic station etc. The frame part adopts a combined structure, and it is convenient for transportation.

The blank board is transported to the worktable of the cold press after assembly. Start the pump pressure then the cylinder will drop. Start pressure when the movable plate touches the blank board. The time is 20-45 minutes. Then some bonding strength of blank board will appear.


Weihai BaiShengYuan Industry is a woodworking machine manufacturer since 1956.

BSY product line centers on a range of standard and special plywood machines that includes plywood plant , Log debarker, veneer single-spindle rotary lathe, veneer spindle-less rotary lathe, combined  rotary lathe, log charger, log conveyor, veneer guillotine, plywood performing press, Veneer Dryer, plywood Edge Trimmer, plywood Sander , etc.

With the support from the Technology Development Center and all the efforts contributed by the engineers, the Group has successfully developed the most advanced plywood production line in China. Such production line has been set up in several countries, including Romania, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Chile, Argentia etc.