CNC Spindleless Veneer Peeling and Clipping Combined Machine BXQ1827/5B

Veneer Peeling and Clipping combined Machine


Peeling diameter:ø40~480mm

Peeling speed:50m/min

According to customers’ different requirements about the log diameter, log length, veneer thickness, budget, we supply customized project and recommend the fit machines for you.

The BXQ(J)1827/5B is a peeling and clipping combined machine which is used to peel eucalyptus, poplar, fast-growing trees and log core peeled by spindle lathe. The Max. rotary cutting diameter is Φ480mm. This machine only applies to the log removed bark from spindle peeling lathe or debarker. By setting up the electric system,it can clip veneer width longer than 670mm and transport the veneer out via the equipped veneer conveyor. Combined peeling, clipping and conveying in one machine to improve the production efficiency and save the cost.

Model BXQ(J)1827/5B BXQ(J)1813/5B
Max.rotary cutting length mm 2600 1350
Max.rotary cutting diameter mm Ø480 Ø480
Final log core diameter mm Ø40 Ø40
Peeling speed m/min 50 50
Veneer thickness mm 0.8~3 0.8~3
Feeding servo motor power kw 11 7.5
Single roller feeding motor power kw 2×7.5=15 2×5.5=11
Double roller feeding motor power kw 2×7.5=15 2×5.5=11
Total power kw 46.2 34.7
Overall size mm 5100x2275x1940 3850x2275x1940
Weight kg 11200 9700

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