Large Diameter Log Debarker

Log Debarker BBP1413

Log diameter: ø300~1300 mm

Log length: 2700mm/8ft

Equipped with debris transportation

This machine is suitable for large diameter log, max working diameter is 1300mm, accept customized dimension.

The knife cutting speed is high, knife head moving speed controlled by frequency variation.

qauv PAB 1413 PAB 1408
Working diameter range mm Ø 300-1300 Ø 200-800
Max. Log ntev mm 2700 2700
Knife head moving speed m/feeb 0.8 ~ 13 0.8 ~ 13
Debris transport speed m/feeb 27.9 27.9
Tag nrho cov hwj huam kw 26.4 26.4
Qhov loj tag nrho mm 6530x3000x4560 6530x2850x4000
Nyhav kg 9000 7500


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