CNC Veneer Peeling combined Clipping SLK(J)2600/5F

CNC Non-chuck Veneer Peeling and Clipping Combined Machine

Model: SLK(J)2600/5F

Peeling speed: 30~80 m/min

Peeling diameter: ø60~480 mm

According to customers’ different requirements about the log diameter, log length, veneer thickness, budget, we supply customized project and recommend the fit machines for you.

Features of the CNC non-chuck peeling combined clipping SLK(J) series:

* Linear Guide & Ball screw used for feeding

* Mitsubishi system

* Rear angle electric adjustment

* Gear transmission

* Automatic adjust the knife gap

* Hydraulic press the knife


The gap between the pressure ruler and the rotary knife is driven by  servo motor, which can solve the problem of changing the parameters of the knife gate when rotary cutting different tree species and different thicknesses. Two kinds of knife gates can be preset through servo control. During work, the pressing rate of the pressure ruler and the veneer can be changed at any time, so as to reduce the degree of back cracking of the veneer, improve the smoothness of the veneer, and solve the problem of poor quality of the traditional non-jamming rotary cutting veneer. problem.

Model SLK(J)2600/5F
Max.rotary cutting length mm 2600
Max.rotary cutting diameter mm Ø480
Output speed m/min 40~80
Veneer thickness mm 0.5~3
Final log core diameter mm Ø60
Peeling knife size mm 2760x200x16
Cutting knife size mm 2750x120x12
Feeding servo motor power kw 11
Single roller feeding motor power kw 3.5
Total power kw 72.2
Overall size mm 5110x2150x2060
Weight kg 14200

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