Spindleless Veneer Rotary Peeling Line

Spindleless Veneer Rotary Peeling Line

According to your requirements about the budgets and capacity, BSY offers different solutions for your choice.

*Spindleless Veneer Production Line

*Spindleless Veneer Peeling and Clipping Combined Production Line

*Single Spindle and Spindle-less Combined Veneer Peeling Line

*Double Spindles Veneer Rotary Peeling Line

Production process:

Log feeding-debarking-veneer non chuck peeling-veneer clipping-stacking

Main Features:

1) CNC Control, servo motor

2) Mitsubishi system

3) Hydraulic press knife

4) Knife gap auto adjustment

5) Knife angle auto adjustment

6) Gear driven

BSY product line centers on a range of standard and special plywood machines that includes plywood plant , Log debarker, veneer peeling lathe,  log charger, log conveyor, veneer guillotine, plywood performing press, Veneer Dryer, plywood Edge Trimmer, plywood Sander , etc.

*More than 60 years of experience, we are one of the leading manufacturer of woodworking machines in China,

*Specializing in plywood production line,our prodessional R&D team could supply the project to meet your requirement.

*More than 10 QC staffs with more than 20 years working experience to control the production quality.

*Having own after –sale maintenance center, our engineer can go to overseas for installation and commissioning.