Veneer Patching Machine

Veneer Patching Machine

Model: BWB48

Voltage: 380v/220v/customized

Application: Patching the natural defect and hole in veneer surface and core plate

The veneer patching machine is necessary equipment during veneer production.

By patching the natural defects of veneer, could improve the quality of veneer, reduce the waste.

This machine is suitable for repairing of various wood veneer. It is easy to operate ,could reduce production cost and improve the grade of veneer.

Veneer Mending Size 40x60mm 60x100mm 75x130mm 90x150mm
Veneer thickness 0.8-3mm
Mending Speed 3-5 seconds / time
Veneer Mending Shape Butterfly or Oval
Power 4.25kw 4.25kw 6.05kw 6.05kw

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