Plywood Putty Repairing Line

Plywood Putty Repairing Line

This production line could repair the surface of plywood with putty to make the plywood surface flat , smooth and great quality.

Plywood is widely used in furniture,construction industry , even can part of a boat or car.

High quality of the panels could ensure its durability and aesthetics.

During producing, it may become scratched, dented,or cracked.

By repairing these defects, we could improve the quality of panels, creates more value.

Repairing is heavy process in plywood production that requires many steps,it includes

  1. Automatic feeding
  2.  Longitudinal conveyor
  3.  Manual putty
  4.  Lateral conveyor
  5.  Plywood turn over machine
  6.  Lateral conveyor
  7.  Longitudinal conveyor
  8.  Manual putty
  9.  Lateral conveyor
  10.  Drying
  11.  Lateral conveyor
  12.  Automatic stacking

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